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Transmission Services

Whether your vehicle is equipped with an automatic or manual transmission, you can feel confident that the experienced staff at Dial Transmission can diagnose, rebuild or repair it properly. We only use O.E.M. rebuilding kits, electrical components and Dynamic torque converters.

Today's automatic transmissions are controlled by a sophisticated series of sensors, solenoids, computers and a complicated network of wiring. That's why it's important to have us diagnose the problem properly and thoroughly to determine whether your vehicle needs a minor repair or a major overhaul.


SUV's & 4x4's

If you own an All Wheel Drive or Four Wheel Drive vehicle it has a transfer case which is responsible for transmitting power to the front and rear wheels. Today's transfer cases are controlled by a computer, actuators, sensors,multiple drive-shafts and axles.

So whether your vehicle is experiencing noise, vibrations or any other four wheel drive symptoms, our trained staff can diagnose and repair the problem accurately and efficiency.

TIP: Make sure your the tires on your SUV or 4X4 are all the exact size and brand. Mismatched tires are a leading cause of drivetrain damage and drivability concerns!


Differentials & Clutches

Your vehicles differential consists of a series of main gears, bearings and seals. It takes an experienced technician  to diagnose, assemble and set up the components properly to prevent noise, leaks and premature bearing failure.

Clutch slipping, chattering or not releasing?  We only install new OEM clutches.

So whether you own a recreational vehicle, truck, 4X4 or high-performance street car, we can rebuild or modify your differential or clutch to exceed industry standards. 


Truck & Fleet Services

Whether you own one commercial truck or a fleet of one-hundred, Dial Transmission has the facility and staff to handle any truck or van up to 36,000 lbs.

We know how important is it to get you livelihood back on the road.

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General Repairs

We're not just transmissions. If you're experiencing an automotive problem other than your transmission, we can help!

From a drip, rattle, squeak, rumble, that annoying check engine light or basic preventive maintenance and service - we can take care of it.  Let's chat! 


Extended Warranties

If you purchased an Extended Warranty from one of the many warranty companies that offer them, let Dial Transmission administer the claim for you. 

Most consumers are unaware of the hidden automotive language buried within their policy designed to give the warranty company a legal way to deny the claim.  So before contacting the warranty company, let us read your policy and protect you from a denied claim and an expensive out of pocket repair.

Our obligation is to you the consumer and not the warranty company!

Classics & Antiques - We know how important your prized possession is to you. It’s just as important to us. Our photo gallery of satisfied customers speaks for itself.